Life and death are two sides of same coin, not only in the philosophical and in Intensive Care Unit. So that's why we are in this area, to keep the currency from an appearance ... life! Every day, each patient, we dress him in the "colors" that will give form to life. And life in the Intensive Care Unit is complexity. It's like a painting to harmoniously combine many colors. To have ... life!

This life is inside a body. All of us feel sympathy and tenderness in front of her and this leads to the care and love. We need to save the life, whatever it takes, and of course to protect the body. And what about body;
"The body is a boat, and medicines seawater the storm passes and slides on the deck and falls on the other side... and reunited with the other water again after the deck is cleaned ..."
Unless this storm is so big and the body get lost in the bottom of a sea that the deeper it gets, the color does not exist anymore ... it is dark and with him shipwrecked and our thought and effort ..
And if the man survived, the effort will not stop... still asking for help...just like the "survivor castaway" ..
It wants "moral stature" and "hard work" to be always present.

G. Anthopoulos

Anesthesiologist- Intensivist
Head of the ICU, 251 General Air Forces Hospital
President of the Organising Committee

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Dear Colleagues,

We are happily in the 15th year of continuous, dynamic, presence of Symposium Intensive Medicine Armed Forces in the Scientific events of our country.

This year we decided to divide our Symposium in modules, which will deal with all the "hot issues" affecting not only the operation of an ICU but also before and after a nursing at it. Our goal this year is to arouse interested EPON fellow doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and outside intensive price, topics and presentations that can serve what Edward Teller said "The main purpose of science is simplicity, and the more we understand, so everything becomes simpler."

This does not mean that there will be superficial and not thorough approach to the issues with which we will deal in our Symposium, because as our famous poet Menander said two thousand and more years before "Doctor Adoleschos on noso, Disease" that "In illness the frivolous doctor is himself the illness"

We wait all of you!

Stavros Aloizos, MD

Lieutenant Colonel
Greek Armed Forces Medical Corps
ICU Director
Veterans Army Hospital
Athens, Greece