Have you ever tried to paint your wishes?

Give them color and shape? Tried to achieve them, make them identifiable but, most of all, useful for others? To make them overcome the difficulties of our times in order to fulfill those who follow them?

Have you ever tried to make your wishes listen with interest the sound of knowledge being transmitted through the experience of your recognized colleagues? To use this knowledge in daily practice?
To please all your senses?

This is what we aim for, due to a spontaneous urge to participate in the scientific work of the Intensive Care community. An urge which surfaced 13 years ago.

We, therefore, invite you this year to paint with us.

George Anthopoulos, MD

Greek Air Force Medical Corps
ICU Director
251 General Air Force Hospital
Athens, Greece

Dear Colleagues,

Nikos Kazantzakis used to say: "Fire! Here it is. Our great debt within such an immoral and hopeless chaos". Let?s set a spiritual fire, since that is the only way to fight against the current crises and decadence!

In such circumstances, therefore, for yet another year, we stand upright and resist by organizing our 14th Symposium, which similarly to last year, is divided into two thematic sections.

In the first part, we will discuss the therapeutic value of nutrition in ICU, which has, sadly, been neglected. In the second part, we will examine the neurological diseases within ICU, which tend to grow over the years due to population ageing. Kazantzakis also used to say: "If you're wise, fight against the mind. Kill ideas, create new ones."

I therefore urge everyone to come to our Symposium in order to kill those ideas nested in our mind from previous knowledge and to create new ones, more adequate to accompany us in our daily battle at Intensive Care Units!

Stavros Aloizos, MD

Lieutenant Colonel
Greek Armed Forces Medical Corps
ICU Director
Veterans Army Hospital
Athens, Greece