Dear fellow travelers,

Your dedication to our effort all these years gives me strength to keep alive the institution of the Symposium, organizing the 13th Greek Armed Forces Medical Corps Critical Care Meeting.

Our annual meetings, as well as my daily presence in the area of ICU are components for constructive conversations and personal searches around the meaning of life.

What is life? An adventure interspersed by human relations. Interpersonal relations and those in our workplace, where we spend most of our time. The entrance in the adventure is the door of the ICU that stands out from a world full of worries and problems. Our face is the mirror of a world in which our own smile can open their soul! But in some of these souls, clouds are gathering which lead to doubts. The adventure becomes anxiety and you ... you do not have the control and the world is crumbling around you, when you are looking to find out what you didn't do correctly.

This year all these thoughts led me in the special program of the 13th Symposium: surgical and legal controversies, and especially in those hard times that everything is implicated, the health system and the society is suffering and trying to balance and all of our hopes are really on the fringe.

We expect all of you!

Warm Regards,

Head of the ICU, 251 General Air Forces Hospital

G. Anthopoulos

Anesthesiologist- Intensivist
President of the Organising Committee

Ladies and gentlemen,

We also welcome you this year with great pleasure and honor to the 13th station of our journey in search of knowledge, which according to Wilhelm Reich, is leading to hope.

This year we decided to be original and that's the reason we separated our conference into two sections. The first-day session will deal with medicolegal issues, which in recent years came as a trend across the Atlantic and we started considerating them more, unfortunately the creating conditions of defensive medicine are many times at the expense of patients.

On the second-day section, according to the poetic phrase "like gypsies incessantly pounding the same anvil", we will deal with something more familiar to all of us and that is the involvement of doctor's surgical specialty in surgical problems that may arise in patients who are hospitalized in the ICU during their hospital stay in.

With the belief that this year something will become wiser, we invite you to participate to our this-year-trip with the same enthusiasm as in the previous years.

President of the Scientific Committee

S. Aloizos

Pathologist- Intensivist
Head of the ICU, Army Veterans Hospital