" We had forgotten that he was mortal "
There are days now that I think of Kostis Palamas and what happened at his funeral, as also Angelos Sikelianos words. In a patriotic elation the people shouted “with a voice louder than ever”: "But you people with your poor words, which the hero took and raised up to the stars" and I wonder where did we miss our soul power and fortitude and stopped fighting for the obvious.

 So it is my honor and duty to share thoughts and knowledge with you and earn your presence and time of your time .
We expect you once again this year to stand and support our effort …
President of the Organizing Committee

G. Anthopoulos
Anesthesiologist - Intensivist
Director  of Intensive Care Unit, 251  Air Force General Hospital

Videos and Presentations

2013 11th Meeting

2012 10th Meeting

2011 9th Meeting

2010 8th Meeting
Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly welcome you to the 12th continuation educational exploration named as Greek Armed Forces Medical Corps Critical Care Meeting. An adventure that started twelve years ago and that in spite of the difficult times our country goes through continues even equally attractive since its launch.
The purpose of our conference, once again, is to give initiate motivation of training in the hard but nice field of intensive care both to younger colleagues and among the oldest of us as well as says Arthur Clarke << We must abandon the idea that education concerns only the youngest >>. How is that possible, when the half someone knows in his 20s isn’t true in his 40s and the half someone knows in his 40s weren’t even discovered in his 20s? »
Therefore, in order to continue the journey of knowledge discovery we invite everyone to join this path as we believe, once again, this year will have many attractions!

President of the Scientific Committee

S. Aloizos
Pathologist - Intensivist
Head of the ICU, Army Veterans Hospital


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