As we are living in difficult times, we would ask you to attend this Congress and fill the amphitheatre...

In this way supporting us in our attempt and giving us courage. Also honour your foreign colleagues who will honour us with their presence, showing solidarity to Greece.

We have to resist!!

“Cowards, fatal and spineless people, we are expecting a miracle to happen...”, as the poet says, trying to persuade us that miracles happen when there is bravery, willingness and faith to the ideals and values, when people acting together and not individually... only then we could expect the miracle to happen...!

President of the Organizing Committee

G. Anthopoulos
Anesthesiologist - Intensivist
Director  of Intensive Care Unit, 251  Air Force General Hospital

Videos and Presentations

2012 10th Meeting

2011 9th Meeting

2010 8th Meeting
Dear friends,

This year we have also tried to prepare for you a meeting with quality content.

Our speakers will cover a broad range of critical care topics and we believe that you will all be very satisfied.

We have included workshops and plenary sessions which combined will help maximize the educational benefit from our meeting

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Lieutenant Colonel (ret)
Antonios Liolios, MD

Internal Medicine - Critical Care
President of the Scientific Committee
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