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Dear friends,

This year I thought of having Elytis speak for me.  This remarkable Greek who was always true when talking about Hellenism.  A different way to perceive and feel things from the top of the sky to the depth of our heart, on one hand, on a small scale,  when we imagine the inner yard of a house in the islands, and on the other hand, on a large scale, when we view the Parthenon.

Here are the prophetic words that he said as he received the Nobel Prize in 1979:

«Every day we say and we are aware that we live in a moral chaos.  Therefore, let us consider that all the elements that sum up our material existence were never before allocated so systematically, under such military order and so much relentless scrutiny.  The contradiction is educational.  When one of two interconnected parts grows hypertrophic, the other becomes atrophic.

The commendable attempt to unite the peoples of Europe, now encounters the challenge of reconciling the atrophic and the hypertrophic parts of our civilization.  Our values do not form the same language either.»

We need a strategy to get distinguished. We need to pave new ways. and not be afraid of comparisons and the competition. We need quality medical education and in depth training which will help us stand during these demanding times.

Education is a primary goal, so as to preserve our civility towards the patients the high quality of healthcare services.

Thank you for supporting our efforts this year as well.

Lieutenant Colonel (Air Force) - George Anthopoulos, MD
Anesthesiologist – Intensivist
President of the Organizing Committee

Dear friends,

This year we have also tried to prepare for you a meeting with quality content.

Our speakers will cover a broad range of critical care topics and we believe that you will all be very satisfied.

We have included workshops and plenary sessions which combined will help maximize the educational benefit from our meeting

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Lieutenant Colonel (ret)
Antonios Liolios, MD

Internal Medicine - Critical Care
President of the Scientific Committee
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